The Best Ways to Attract New Business

Competition is the name of the game and with many businesses offering similar goods or services it is important to keep our business high-profile, making a good impression and at the front of people’s minds. Price is often only a small part of the equation. Let’s look at some useful ways to gain new business.

- Offer staff initiatives. They often know our business better than most and can talk about it to their contacts, friends and family. When staff feel respected and valued they will appreciate the importance of promoting their organisation and doing their best to encourage new business. When they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility, part of a team, it becomes second nature to support their company. Training, development schemes, accessibility to management and rewards for achievement are part of the way to utilise a company’s biggest overhead and asset – its staff.

- Network and meet other professionals. This can be done by participating in regular network meetings, joining professional organisations, attending conferences or joining internet discussion groups and forums. Reminding your colleagues and potential customers of your presence and keeping them apprised of the latest developments within your business keeps your name fresh in their mind and familiar with what you have to offer.

- Educate your customers. Have a regular blog, circulate an informative newsletter or hold regular free training events that your customers will find beneficial to attend. Holding regular events provides your customers with the opportunity to improve their skills, network and potentially gain new contacts for their business, which reflects well on you and makes your events more attractive.

- Ask clients and customers for referrals. It may seem too easy, but many of us forget that our satisfied customers are important ambassadors of our business. Why not ask them if they know someone who would benefit from our goods or services? They may never have thought about recommending us, but asking the question can set them thinking. Maybe offer an inducement for when a lead becomes a client. Vouchers, or a discount off their next purchase could provide them with effective motivation.

- Form alliances with other businesses in associated fields. By enhancing what you all have to offer you establish yourselves as experts in a wider range of skills. Several therapies can often work together, operating under the banner of a clinic. Social venues can link in with party planners, florists, photographers, taxi firms and all support each other at different times. These alliances can be effective ways to attract new business.

- Establish yourself as an expert in your field. Write a blog and keep it regularly updated, keep in touch with local press and media, submit opinions, newsworthy items, give talks to local groups and make the effort to keep a high-profile. Be out and about, using local businesses, letting them know who you are, keeping a presence in as many ways as you can. Joining in, volunteering and availing yourself of opportunities keeps you in people’s minds in a positive way, as a professional, with a good reputation.

Keeping existing clients happy whilst attracting new business is the cornerstone of success on both a personal and professional level. Remaining enthusiastic and alert to potential new opportunities helps us remain challenged and motivated. Being aware of new developments keeps us up-to-date, stimulated mentally, and brings a diversity of interest into our lives.